contact me Caitlin O'Heaney as Sarah WhiteWho is Sarah Cutter?
Sarah Stickney White is the name of the lead character portrayed by the multi-talented Caitlin O’Heaney in “Tales of the Gold Monkey.” On the show her character and the character of Jake Cutter were romantically involved. Being the shipper I am I always believed the two married and lived “happily-ever-after”… 

What is is a website dedicated to various shows and couples that I've enjoyed watching over the years. It contains pictures, vids, fanfic, etc. Each couple/show has a homepage within this website. You may access the sites from this main page by clicking the various “list” buttons to the left or links at the bottom of the page. I have attempted to cross-reference each page by the title of the show, the actors/actresses involved, and by the couples I liked (when applicable). So surf away and enjoy! 

Site Updates...
There's lots in the works, so please check back frequently during 2016. I have plans to revamp all of the existing sites. Also to add new show sites as well as more screencaps, episode guides, and vids to existing sites.

Feedback is always welcome. Love it or hate it, I'd like to know. If you have any problems with any of the links, please let me know so that I may fix them. Thanks :) 

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