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M.J. McKinnon-Cory & Adam Cory
(as portrayed by Sally Spencer and Ed Fry in ANOTHER WORLD)

Donna Love-Hudson & Michael Hudson
(as portrayed by Anna Stuart/Philece Sampler and Kale Browne in ANOTHER WORLD)

Anne-Marie Kersey & Francis Donovan
(as portrayed by Yancy Butler and Jon Tenney in BROOKLYN SOUTH)

Sylvia Ford & Jack Riles
(as portrayed by Susan Gibney and Adam Baldwin in THE CAPE)

Snow White Charming & Prince Eric Charming
(as portrayed by Caitlin O’Heanney and Christopher Rich in THE CHARMINGS)

Annie Frost & Jimmy Godfrey
(as portrayed by Kelli Giddish and Cole Hauser in CHASE)

Diana Colville & Roman Brady
(as portrayed by Genie Francis and Drake Hogestyn in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Jennifer Horton-Deveraux & Jack Deveraux
(as portrayed by Melissa Brennan-Reeves and Matthew Ashford in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Robin Jacobs & Michael Horton
(as portrayed by Derya Ruggles and Michael Weiss in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Harriet Makepeace & James Dempsey
(as portrayed by Glynnis Barber and Michael Brandon in DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE)

Jesse Smith & John Forney
(as portrayed by Mariska Hargitay and Michael Nouri in DOWNTOWN)

Devon Adair & John Danziger
(as portrayed by Debrah Farentino and Clancy Brown in EARTH 2)

Bess Amelia Klempt-Martin & Morgan Horatio Martin
(as portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart and John Gegenhuber in EARTH 2)

Victoria Heller & Daniel Kelly
(as portrayed by Laila Robins and Michael Tylo in GABRIEL’S FIRE)

Neely Capshaw & Jake Styles
(as portrayed by Melody Anderson and Joe Penny in JAKE AND THE FATMAN)

Jane Larson & Will Braverman
(as portrayed by Debra Winger and Liam Neeson in LEAP OF FAITH)

Lois Lane-Kent & Clark Kent
(as portrayed by Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN)

Marguerite Krux & Lord John Richard Roxton
(as portrayed by Rachel Blakely and William Snow in THE LOST WORLD)

Penny Parker & Angus MacGyver
(as portrayed by Teri Hatcher and Richard Dean Anderson in MacGYVER)

Mary Travis & Chris Larabee
(as portrayed by Laurie Holden and Michael Biehn in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN)

Jessica Harrison & Jim Craig
(as portrayed by Sigrid Thornton and Tom Burlinson in THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER/RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER)

Sally Caulfield-MacBride & Winston MacBride
(as portrayed by Patricia Harras/Dey Young and Jeff Fahey in THE MARSHAL)

Teresa Lisbon & Patrick Jane
(as portrayed by Robin Tunney and Simon Baker in THE MENTALIST)

Cindy Nelson-Cooper & Walter Cooper
(as portrayed by Ashley Crow and Peter Riegert in MIDDLE AGES)

Blanche Sanusky & Terry Hannon
(as portrayed by Amy Brenneman and William Russ in MIDDLE AGES)

Shannon Reed & Max Harte
(as portrayed by Jane Badler and Anthony Hamilton in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE)

Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell & Richard O’Connell
(as portrayed by Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser in THE MUMMY/THE MUMMY RETURNS)

Claire Verens & James Curran
(as portrayed by Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and Michael Biehn in NAVY SEALS)

Paulette Charbonnet & William Brennecke
(as portrayed by Colleen Flynn and Cotter Smith in ORLEANS)

Gina Vitelli & Clade Charbonnet
(as portrayed by Melora Hardin and Brett Cullen in ORLEANS)

Elizabeth McKay & Jerry Cole
(as portrayed by Daphne Ashbrook and Michael Woods in OUR FAMILY HONOR)

Miss Parker & Jarod
(as portrayed by Andrea Parker/Ashley Peldon and Michael Weiss/Ryan Merriman in THE PRETENDER)

Sarah Ann Thompson & Jack Cleary
(as portrayed by Faye Grant and Michael Woods in PRIVATE EYE)

Michelle Castle & Austin James
(as portrayed by Ashley Crow and Parker Stevenson in PROBE)

Samantha Waters & Nick Cooper
(as portrayed by Ally Walker and A Martinez in PROFILER)

Donna Eleese-Beckett & Sam Beckett
(as portrayed by Teri Hatcher/Mimi Kuzyk and Scott Bakula in QUANTUM LEAP)

Evie Stone & Cagney McCleary
(as portrayed by Joanna Going and Matthew Ashford in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

Patti Whiting-McCleary & Hogan McCleary
(as portrayed by Jacqueline Schultz and David Forsyth in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

Katrina Fitzgerald & Quinn McCleary
(as portrayed by Mary Jo Kennan and Jeffrey Meek in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

Natalie Thayer & John Reid
(as portrayed by Marg Helgenberger and James Read in SHELL GAME)

Samantha Carter & Jonathan O’Neill
(as portrayed by Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson in STARGATE SG•1)

Isabelle Reed & David Grief
(as portrayed by Rachel Blakely and William Snow in TALES OF THE SOUTH SEAS)

Clare Devon & Jameson Jackson McGonnigal
(as portrayed by Kimberly Joseph and Brian Vriends in TALES OF THE SOUTH SEAS)

Katarina Stratford & Patrick Verona
(as portrayed by Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger in TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU)

Nikki Raines & Myron Goldman
(as portrayed by Pamela Gidley and Stephen Caffrey in TOUR OF DUTY)

Kate Singleton-Del’Amico & Dylan Del’Amico
(as portrayed by Linda Purl and Anthony John Denison in UNDER COVER)

Juliet Parrish & Mike Donovan
(as portrayed by Faye Grant and Marc Singer in V/V: THE FINAL BATTLE/V: THE SERIES)

Haley Cayce-Zond & Solomon Zond
(as portrayed by Marybeth Cameron and Alex Carter in VERITAS: THE QUEST)

Donnatella Moss & Joshua Lyman
(as portrayed by Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford in THE WEST WING)

Helen Santos & Matthew Vincente Santos
(as portrayed by Teri Polo and Jimmy Smits in THE WEST WING)

Margaret Harwood & Oliver Plexico
(as portrayed by Penelope Ann Miller and Tim Daly in YEAR OF THE COMET)

Coming Someday...

Aeon Flux & Trevor Goodchild
(as portrayed by Charlize Theron and Marton Csokas in ÆON FLUX)

Serena & Apollo
(as portrayed by Jane Seymour and Richard Hatch in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)

Gina Pomeroy & Craig Pomeroy
(as portrayed by Holly Gagnier and Parker Stevenson in BAYWATCH)

Gloria Marlowe & Frank Buck
(as portrayed by Cindy Morgan and Bruce Boxleitner in BRING ‘EM BACK ALIVE)

Ceil Shannon-Cantrell & Kleber Cantrell
(as portrayed by Karen Austin and Ben Masters in CELEBRITY)

Karen Charlene Koloski & Boonie Lanier
(as portrayed by Marg Helgenberger and Brian Wimmer in CHINA BEACH)

Brenda Leigh Johnson & Fritz Howard
(as portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick and Jon Tenney in THE CLOSER)

Christina Towne & Michael Devitt
(as portrayed by Peggy Smithhart and Nick Campbell in DIAMIONDS)

Kara & Bowen
(as portrayed by Dina Meyer and Dennis Quaid in DRAGONHEART)

Emma Woodhouse & George Knightley
(as portrayed by Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller in EMMA)

Theresa Conners & Carmeron Quinn
(as portrayed by Debrah Farentino and Ken Olin in EZ STREETS)

Kaywinnet Lee Frye & Simon Tam
(as portrayed by Jewel Staite and Sean Maher in FIREFLY/SERENITY)

Mary Parker-Green & Mitch Green
(as portrayed by Debrah Farentino and Jon Tenney in GET REAL)

Anya Andreyev & Wayne Robinson
(as portrayed by Stephanie Zimbalist and David Keith in THE GOLDEN MOMENT - AN OLYMPIC LOVE STORY)

Rhonda Blake & Tony Villicana
(as portrayed by Faye Grant and Michael Paré in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO)

Hermione Granger-Weasley & Ronald Weasley
(as portrayed by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in the HARRY POTTER heptalogy)

Hope Linden & J.T. Banks
(as portrayed by Charlotte Ross and Shawn David Thompson in THE HEIGHTS)

Robin Tataglia-Belker & Mick Belker
(as portrayed by Lisa Sutton and Bruce Weitz in HILL STREET BLUES)

Sarah Brewer-Metcalf & Hank Metcalf
(as portrayed by Alexandra Wilson and David Newsom in HOMEFRONT)

Tracy Whitney & Jeff Stevens
(as portrayed by Madolyn Smith and Tom Berenger in IF TOMORRW COMES)

India West & Toby Amberville
(as portrayed by Julianne Moore and Tim Daly in I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN)

Jackie Shea-Brennan & Michael Brennan
(as portrayed by Shelley Hack and Tom Mason in JACK AND MIKE)

Eve Manion & Johnny Ryan
(as portrayed by Julia Campbell and Clancy Brown in JOHNNY RYAN)

Jane Porter-Clayton & John Clayton III
(as portrayed by Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgård in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN)

Sonya Odum & Martin Odum
(as portrayed by Amber Valletta and Sean Bean in LEGENDS)

Arwen & Aragorn
(as portrayed by Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy)

Michelle Hue-Magnum & Thomas Sullivan Magnum
(as portrayed by Marta DuBois and Tom Selleck in MAGNUM P.I.)

Brooke McKenzie & Jonathan Chase
(as portrayed by Melody Anderson and Simon MacCorkindale in MANIMAL)

Brandis LaSalle & Ned Sheffield
(as portrayed by Kathleen Layman and John Getz in MARIAH)

Angela Vecchio & Matty Navarro
(as portrayed by Giuliana Santini and Nestor Serrano in MOLONEY)

Tess Mercy & Nathan Torrence
(as portrayed by Charlotte Ross and Aaron Pearl in MONTANA SKY)

Gwen Cross & Walter Tatum
(as portrayed by Ally Walker and Bill Campbell in MOON OVER MIAMI)

Rebecca Wenzel & Jerry Rawlins
(as portrayed by Maria Bello and Scott Bakula in MR. AND MRS. SMITH)

Jilly Blue & Ned Blessing
(as portrayed by Julia Campbell and Daniel Baldwin in NED BLESSING: THE TRUE STORY OF MY LIFE)

Brianne Wilder & Patrick Connell
(as portrayed by Terri Garber and Dack Rambo in NO MAN’S LAND)

Margaret Hale & John Thornton
(as portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage in ELIZABETH GASKELL'S NORTH AND SOUTH)

Constance Flynn-Hazard & George Hazard
(as portrayed by Wendy Kilbourne and James Read in JOHN JAKES’ NORTH AND SOUTH BOOKS I, II, and III)

Augusta Barclay & Charles Main
(as portrayed by Kate McNeil and Lewis Smith in JOHN JAKES’ NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK II)

Catherine Moreland & Henry Tilney
(as portrayed by Felicity Jones and JJ Feild in NORTHANGER ABBEY)

Lisa Wiseman & Michael Wiseman
(as portrayed by Margaret Colin & Eric Close in NOW AND AGAIN)

Kate Cameron & Roger Anderson
(as portrayed by Kelli Garner and David Harbour in PAN AM)

Amelia Lawson & Ethan Allen Cord
(as portrayed by Sigrid Thornton and Lee Horsley in PARADISE)

Alicia Sandergard & Owen (need last name)
(as portrayed by Maria Pitillo and Tate Donovan in PARTNERS)

Anne Elliot & Frederick Wentworth
(as portrayed by Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones in PERSUASION)

Elizabeth Bennet & Fitzwilliam Darcy
(as portrayed by Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)

Laura Holt-Steele & Remington Steele
(as portrayed by Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan in REMINGTON STEELE)

Alison Babineaux-Matson & Jack Matson
(as portrayed by Karen Allen and Terence Knox in THE ROAD HOME)

Maid Marion & Robin Hood
(as portrayed by Judi Trott and Michael Praed in ROBIN OF SHERWOOD)

Eden Kendall & Nicholas Flemming
(as portrayed by Rene Russo and Lewis Van Bergen in SABLE)

Elizabeth Westphall & Seth Griffin
(as portrayed by Dana Short and Bruce Greenwood in ST. ELSEWHERE)

Amanda King-Stetson & Lee Stetson
(as portrayed by Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner in SCARECROW AND MRS. KING)

Happy Quinn & Tobias M. Curtis
(as portrayed by Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas in SCORPION)

Marianne Dashwood & Christopher Brandon
(as portrayed by Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman in SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)

Linda Voss-Leland & Ed Leland
(as portrayed by Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas in SHINING THROUGH)

Abigail Marsh & Andrew Jackson Simon
(as portrayed by Joan McMurtrey and Jameson Parker in SIMON & SIMON)

Kate Delacroy & Logan Wright
(as portrayed by Melissa Gilbert and John Allen Nelson in SWEET JUSTICE)

Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese
(as portrayed by Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn in THE TERMINATOR)

Delphine de Lancel-Sadowski & Armand Sadowski
(as portrayed by Mia Sara and Charles Shaunnessy in TILL WE MEET AGAIN)

Lucy Preston & Garcia Flynn
(as portrayed by Abigail Spencer and Goran Višnjić in TIMELESS)

R.J. Craig & Edgar of Mansfield
(as portrayed by Kathleen Beller and Alex Hyde-White in TIMETRACKERS)

Annie Cornell-McGrail & Sean McGrail
(as portrayed by Moira Kelly and Jason Beghe in TO HAVE AND TO HOLD)

Rose Phillips & James Vitelli
(as portrayed by Karen Sillas and Philip Casnoff in UNDER SUSPICION)

Erin Walton-Northridge & Paul Matthews Northridge
(as portrayed by Mary Beth McDonough and Morgan Stevens in THE WALTONS)

Mary Ellen Walton-Jones & Arlington Wescott Jones III
(as portrayed by Judy Norton-Taylor and Richard Gilliland in THE WALTONS)

Sorsha & Madmartigan
(as portrayed by Joanne Whalley and Val Kilmer in WILLOW)

Helen Chappel-Hackett & Joe Hackett
(as portrayed by Crystal Bernard and Tim Daly in WINGS)

Juliette Hollister & Roy Champion
(as portrayed by Deborah Shelton and David Soul in THE YELLOW ROSE)

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